DIY be your own general contractor

Interior Wall Framing Basics

Framing Interior Walls There are two common types of interior wall framing. You will either be framing load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls. When framing interior load-bearing walls you will follow the same practices and guidelines as used with exterior bearing walls. Framing of load-bearing interior walls is the practice when there is either a second floor system or roof system transferring load directly … Continue reading Interior Wall Framing Basics

make a small bathroom feel larger

Planning Your Bathroom

Bathroom Sizes Bathroom planning is a topic that almost everyone will explore someday. When planning a bathroom you first need to think about what you will use the room for. In the next few paragraphs we will cover the different types of common bathroom types, how they are generally used and how they differ from one another. Powder Room Let’s begin … Continue reading Planning Your Bathroom

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Wood Floor Joist Span Charts

These handy floor joist span charts will give a quick general reference only to the allowable span of the following U.S. species mixes. Douglas Fir & Larch, Hemlock & Fir, Southern Yellow Pine. Each chart is based on a different weight loading. These weight loadings are the live Load in pounds per square foot (Live Load refers to a … Continue reading Wood Floor Joist Span Charts

DIY be your own general contractor

Building Your Own Home

Building Your Own Home You are considering becoming your own general contractor or as we have discussed already your own home builder. So let’s talk about what commitments you are considering taking on. We are going to focus here primarily on the time commitment. When building your own home you need to be prepared to commit the required time … Continue reading Building Your Own Home

Understanding Concrete Foundation Systems

Concrete Foundation Your new home will require a solid concrete foundation to assure that the structure will stand the test of time. There are several types of concrete foundation systems available depending on where you live and the type of foundation system you will install. Let’s begin with the most basic of structural concrete foundation systems. Concrete Foundation-Structural Slab System The … Continue reading Understanding Concrete Foundation Systems

roof inspection and other roof details

Inspect Your Roof and Prevent Water Damage

Your roof is asked to do a lot, specifically to serve as the primary protective shield for your house from the elements. Your roof is exposed to extremes of temperature, wind, rain, snow, ice, and even the most Minor of structural failings is ample to make it possible for these components to gain a foothold. … Continue reading Inspect Your Roof and Prevent Water Damage

make a small bathroom feel larger

Quick Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look and Feel More Spacious

Is your bathroom so cramped that it feels as if you can’t turn around? You can do several things to make the room look larger and feel less cramped. The tips and ideas in this article can get you to turn a small looking bathroom into one that you’ll love. Color, lighting and a few … Continue reading Quick Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look and Feel More Spacious

DIY be your own general contractor

DIY General Contractor Responsibilities

I want you to look at your upcoming project from the perspective of a good General Contractor. Once you can do this you will be better prepared to think both strategically and practically about the project you want to undertake whether overseeing the construction of your new home or a remodel or addition project. Remember that no matter what … Continue reading DIY General Contractor Responsibilities