Certification in Water Damage Restoration Matters

When you’re hunting for a water damage restoration company to work on your property, you might notice that some, not all, of the companies listed make reference to having been licensed through companies that you may not have heard of.  titles such as Clean Trust, IICRC, or RIA typically populate the water restoration scene.  It’s a veritable alphabet soup, but precisely what advantage is it to you?


Finding your way through the restoration maze can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re searching for.  There are currently no government recommendations to control who performs this sort of work, which makes for a lot of unqualified companies out there offering water restoration services.  Choosing the incorrect provider to work on your property can produce some results best referred to as “insufficient”, and can very likely make the issue even worse than what you initially had.  The end result is the inclusion of hundreds or thousands of dollars to your repair bill before things are Eventually performed the appropriate way.


Thankfully, the water restoration business has done an admirable job of policing itself with the formation of the Institute For Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  Founded in 1972, the IICRC’s mission was to establish a system of accepted standards and practices for the whole restoration sector, offering intensive training, certification, and ongoing education in nearly every area of water damage repair.  The idea was to provide some credibility and accountability for legitimate businesses, as well as peace of mind for house owners who may already be dealing with more than they bargained for.


The IICRC functions no school, but rather has over 150 licensed instructors across the country who offer certification courses.

mold on drywall from water damage


In 2011, the IICRC formally changed its name to The Clean Trust.  The move was touted by IICRC officials as a method designed to better reflect the organization’s purpose and mission.


The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and biggest non-profit, professional trade association committed to providing leadership and promoting best practices by means of advocacy, standards & professional skills for the restoration industry.  It currently symbolizes over 20,000 restoration professionals and has become an invaluable resource and educational network for restoration corporations.


Of course no certification or banner will guarantee competent work, Nevertheless, companies with industry qualifications believe in committing time, effort, and finances to make certain that their personnel are properly trained and armed with the most recent in education, tools, equipment and procedure, allowing them to provide the ideal achievable service for their clients following a water damage disaster.