Concrete Driveway Staining-Goodbye Boring Gray

Concrete driveways do not have to be pale and spotted with oil stains. Coloring the driveway with concrete driveway staining can give it the look of natural stone. Many people elect to do this to enhance the look of their home’s environment, a big portion of which is the driveway. By improving the driveway’s look, the value of the entire property will improve.

concrete staining with stamped pattern concreteConcrete contains limestone. This light-colored stone occurs naturally, and gives the driveway its typical pale gray color. Concrete driveway staining works when a chemical in the stain reacts with the limestone. The consequence is a overall darkening of the concrete driveway. The driveway is then sealed to hold the color intact and to prevent future staining of the driveway by oil or other vehicle fluids. This sealant also gives the driveway a slightly shiny look.

Stamping may be coupled with staining the driveway. This method uses a colored release agent to ready the driveway for stamping. Just like with concrete staining, the stamped driveway is also sealed after completion for protection. Once completed, the driveway has a textured and colored appearance. Homeowners who want something more exclusive than the flat, glassy look of basic stained concrete can add stamping.

You have many possibilities with concrete driveway staining and stamping. Look at your home’s color and design style. The concrete driveway should complement your home’s decor and theme, but be aware that once the final staining has been done, it may not look exactly as the picture. This is typical and should be expected due to natural variations in the concrete and how the staining compound reacts with them. The uneven color makes stained concrete appear more like natural stone, which usually has variations in its color scheme.

When deciding on a professional concrete driveway staining service, pick one with experience in the field to get the best possible outcome. It is be a smart idea to look over their past work to see how they turned out. This is especially true with concrete stamping, which needs experience to get the stamped pattern to look even.

Deciding to stain or stamp the concrete on your driveway helps to improve your driveway’s appearance. Once finished, your driveway can look better and be more resistant to staining and wear.