Egress Window Well Tips

While homeowners are presented with the development of a damaged window well, they often times can debate between different choices for the egress windows. The first option would be to install a liner type device or a window well insert. The next decision would be to replace the basement  window well entirely .

vinyl egress window well Homeowners can choose to use a window well liner because they assume that it can be less expensive and less of a bother than a total replacement. Exchanging the homes basement window well can not only be more economical when the job is completed , but it can be the correct thing to do for the future integrity of the home . Building an egress window well liner over a rusty well is simply ignoring a more serious problem . A window well liner is a fast fix that narrowly addresses the aesthetic part of the egress window well problem .  Moisture and dirt will be caught in between the spaces, causing more damage.

Often , the basement window well is in proper shape, however, you may want a more decorative feel . Homeowners sometimes think their only choice would be to construct a window well liner with a fake rock facade. Sometimes assuming the liner choice could be a less experience decision .  In today’s marketplace there are numerous egress window well choices that are decorative and functional.

components of an egress window well systemAdditional pricing factors you may want to think about is that some contractors require you get a window well exchange prior to the placement of the liner. This practice creates double the labor and twice the cost. If only design and aesthetics has nudged you to replace the window well, there are many different egress window well choices . Installing a designer basement window well like a “Rockwell”, or a custom made egress window well out of stone, brick or rail road ties is a not only more less expensive choice but a more aesthetically pleasing option than the standard corrugated steel.

For those of you planning a major landscaping project, installing a deck, building a concrete patio, and other such home improvement projects please take a moment to inspect your basement windows surroundings. Before you lay a cement patio or an additional permanent addition around the egress window wells make certain that they are in perfect shape. This includes looking for signs of corrosion or other damage to the structure.

Some of egress window wells that are installed around homes by the original builder are not the highest of quality. A intact , quality egress window well with an extensive warranty will save you time and resources in the future. With a little research and some facts about different options you may find that having a window well exchange installed is a more economical choice than a liner or insert. Not only is it more less expensive , but the quality of the replacement will better protect the structural stability of your residence therefore securing one of your largest investments. Safeguard your home soon and in the future by replacing damaged basement window wells.