FAQ About PEX Flexible Piping

Many of you have questions about PEX tubing. PEX tubing is used in place of copper or PVC tubing to complete a lot of plumbing repair projects. PEX tubing provides many benefits that make it a tremendous value. Therefore, please read these answers to some frequently asked questions about PEX piping that can help you learn more about what PEX piping is and how it can be used to complete many plumbing repair projects.

“What is PEX piping?”

PEX piping is a flexible tubing product that is manufactured from a special mixture of polyethylene-based plastics.

“What kinds of PEX piping are offered?”

PEX plumbing FAQPEX piping is offered in a range of diameters. The most preferred products include 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and one-inch diameter piping. However, numerous plumbing supply stores sell PEX piping that is up to four inches in diameter.

“Why is PEX piping becoming a popular choice among plumbers?”

Many plumbers use PEX piping to complete home plumbing installation and replacement projects because it offers users many advantages. For example, many homeowners who live in cold climates can benefit from using PEX piping to bring hot water into their houses because PEX piping resists cold temperatures well. Additionally, a lot of plumbers enjoy using PEX piping to replace faulty waterlines because its durability allows homeowners to install the product in sites where traditional piping products tend to corrode quickly.

“Is it easy to install PEX piping inside my home?”

Generally speaking, it’s quite easy to install PEX piping inside your residence. This is the case because the product’s flexibility enables you to create junctions and joints effortlessly without needing to use couplings or fittings to secure the connections.

“What types of projects can you complete with PEX piping?”

Plumbers use PEX piping products to complete quite a few plumbing projects. The most popular uses for PEX products include pipe installation projects, waterline repair projects and pipe maintenance projects. However, PEX piping can be used to complete nearly any plumbing project that requires making connections to your home’s water supply.

If you need plumbing repair or installation, consider PEX piping. For more info about PEX piping, ask your local plumber. Most plumbing companies carry it and use it on a daily basis.