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Home Building Checklist

home building checklist, interior design, room planningSo you want to know what knowledge you will need to become your own home builder. It is not as intimidating as many people fear. During this process you will find that having a basic list of resources will give you access to all the information you need. Let’s begin with this basic home building checklist.

Your home building checklist should include a list of resources beginning with your local building inspection department. You will quickly find that your new home will require inspections during the construction process to insure proper products and installation practices are involved. This is in your best interest to insure a safe and functional home.

Home Building Checklist-Inspections

Among the topics that probably require inspection will include framing practices, electrical installation, plumbing installation, HVAC (Heating, Vent, Air Conditioning) installation, Proper window sizing including Egress requirements. Egress is a term used to describe a secondary emergency escape location and is required in all bedroom locations as well as general basement living space. Make an appointment to discuss your local requirements with a representative of your local building department so you are prepared to schedule required inspections and also so you have a general understanding of the compliance requirements.

Home Building Checklist-Design

Every home building checklist should include some level of design professional to assist you with your home project. Whether you are involving the professional design guidance of a local architect, residential designer or professional design staff from an online firm, you should make sure you include a detailed review of your plans to assure that your finished home is everything you expected. It is much easier to make changes on paper than during construction.

Home Building Checklist-Materials

Next on your home building checklist you will want to find a reliable source at your local building center where you plan to purchase your building materials. You will appreciate having a knowledgeable contact rather than just a sales counter clerk when it comes to finding accurate answers on a timely basis.

Home Building Checklist-Interior Design

home building checklist, indirect lighting, rope lighting, formal diningDoes your home building checklist include an interior designer? In this process you will be bringing in elements of wall, ceiling and floor finishes. You will also have choices in cabinetry, tops, doors, and millwork trims. What color finish will you be using on the electrical fixtures, appliances, faucets, and door hardware? Are you beginning to see the picture of the hundred plus decisions involved in bringing all the interior finishes together?

Home Building Checklist-Exterior Finishes

Just as with the interior it is common to enlist the help of your architect to help in bringing together the look of the exterior. Will you be using horizontal or vertical siding, stone or brick, stucco or wood? What color schemes will you use to tie the walls, doors, windows, and roof together? What help will you enlist to create a warm and inviting exterior for your new home?

Home Building Checklist-Landscaping

A last valuable asset to include in your home building checklist will include someone to help with your landscape design architecture. You will find it very valuable to include planning for any requirements of plumbing for watering or electrical for lighting and other requirements on the exterior of your home in your early planning stages. You will also want to plan how the grading or ground level of your property will relate to the home. How will you landscape, provide driveway access, walkways, and outdoor patios to make the best use of the outdoor living space of your new home?