How To Tips On Installing A Toilet

When you are planning on installing a toilet the process is rather simple. It should actually take you less than twenty minutes to install the toilet and the new toilet seat. When installing a new toilet we recommend that you must install a toilet wax ring or wax block to properly seal the drainage connection.

How to Install a Toilet

toilet flange replacementYou will begin this process with a toilet flange that should already be mounted to the floor. This flange is typically a six inch ring that is mounted to the drain assembly below the floor. Modern toilet flanges are made of plastic or plastic with a metal securing ring. In either case there should be notched slots that are across from each other and are positioned parallel to the back wall.

Toilet Installation

You will begin the process by inserting two toilet flange bolts into these slots and securing them in place so they are centered across from each other and again parallel to the back wall. Once these bolts are ready to receive the toilet it is time to place the wax ring on the bottom drain flange of the toilet. If the ring has a rubber gasket this should face away from the toilet as it will drop into the floor drain.

toilet installationCarefully place the toilet base over the toilet flange bringing the bolts through the two holes on the toilet base. Carefully press the toilet back and forth pushing down to seat the wax ring into the toilet and flange. Make sure there is no rocking action in the toilet as this will cause a future leak or a possible cracked toilet base when you tighten down the bolts. If the toilet is seated solidly on floor now it is time to secure the anchor bolts carefully so as not to crack the china base.

Now it is time to prepare the toilet tank for installation. Follow the manufactures instructions for preparation of the tank. You will probably find a drain assembly already installed through the bottom of the tank. You will also find a foam tapered ring seal gasket that you need to place over this drain assembly (follow printed instructions) and two mounting bolts with over sized heads. These bolts are first anchored into the tank with rubber washers placed directly under the bolt head to seal the hole in the tank. After tightening the nut on the bottom of this tank bolt assembly it is time to install the tank to the bowl.
Place the tank onto the bowl and carefully secure the two bolts to the bottom of the bowl rim. Be careful to press the tank down as you are securing the bolts until the tank seats snugly against the bowl. Do not over tighten as this may cause a crack in either the tank or bowl china.

By following the supplied directions you will know it’s now time to insert the flush handle and install the backer nut. It is handy to know that the backer nut is a reverse thread so turn it the opposite of a typical nut.

It is now time to connect the water supply line. We will assume that you have already installed a shut off valve and so the next step is to connect the 3/8” compression fitting from your supply line to that valve. Make sure the large tread end has a proper washer installed and connect it to the bottom tank valve connection. Check both connections before turning on the water.

How to Install a Toilet Seat

Last step is to install the toilet seat by installing the two seat bolts that came with your new toilet seat. As with all other connections be cautious when tightening the toilet seat bolts so you don’t crack the bowl rim china. This will complete your new toilet installation.