Installing a Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit Correctly

Schluter Kerdi Shower

schluter kerdi, kerdi shower, shower designs, shower drain, walk in shower, shower stalls, custom showersThis membrane system is the highest quality shower membrane system available to complete your custom shower installation. By following these simple step by step instructions and watching the Schluter Kerdi installation video we have included you will be able to complete your new shower membrane installation in a few hours.

Schluter Kerdi Shower Tray

schluter kerdi, kerdi shower, shower designs, shower drain, walk in shower, shower stalls, custom showers
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Schluter Kerdi CornersThe installation process begins by setting the Kerdi shower tray in place and marking the exact drain hole location on the subfloor. Next this hole is cut through the subfloor. (Confirm that you are not cutting a floor joist before cutting this hole) Next dry set mortar is applied to the subfloor with a ¼ by 3/8 inch notched trowel. The important thing here is to assure that the floor area is perfectly level before installing the Kerdi shower tray. Once the mortar is in place firmly press all surfaces of the Kerdi shower tray into place. Then lift the tray and confirm good contact with all mortar surfaces and press back into place.

Next install the vertical corners by mortaring in Kerdi band with Kerdi inside and outside corners as needed. These are installed using a mortar that is designed for use with your particular substrate. Apply this mortar with a ¼ by 3/16 inch notched trowel. The next step is to install floor to wall joints in the same manner by using Kerdi band strips at all floor to wall joints.

Schluter Kerdi Membrane

The next step is to cover all wall surfaces with approved mortar and then embedding a layer of Kerdi waterproofing membrane over the entire surface. Kerdi membrane comes in rolls 3 ft 3 inches wide and it is recommended that when overlapping joints are required that you overlap by 2 inches and properly seal all joints during installation.

Schluter Kerdi Drain

kerdi shower, shower designs, shower drain, walk in shower, shower stalls, custom showersOnce all exposed surfaces are correctly covered with the installed Schluter Kerdi membrane it is time to install the Schluter Kerdi drain assembly. How you proceed from here will depend on whether you have access to the drain assembly from below or not. If you have access, proceed by embedding the drain assembly and seating the drain securely into the mortar bed. If you do not have access you must complete the drain connection prior to fully embedding the drain assembly in mortar. You must install a protective layer of Schluter Kerdi membrane over the entire shower drain area to insure complete moisture protection.

Schluter Kerdi Shower Curb

The next step is to install the Schluter Kerdi Shower Curb. The shower curb is measured, and cut to fit in front of the shower drain pan. Once cut the curb is mortared into place by applying mortar to the floor and face of the shower pan. Once in place follow the same procedure as the wall surfaces to place Kerdi band and Kerdi membrane over all joints and surfaces.

After allowing all these surfaces to dry your new Schluter Kerdi membrane lined shower is ready for tile and finish.