Kids Sports Theme Bedroom Ideas

Sports Theme Bedroom

sports theme mural ideasIf you are searching for a sports theme bedroom there are many different products and options at your disposal. No matter what sports theme bedroom design you are looking for you can create that one of a kind look and feel. Whether it’s baseball, football, tennis, or ballet you can add details like wall murals and themed lighting fixtures that when combined with a color coordinated paint scheme will keep the sports enthusiast excited about their room.

Baseball Sports Theme Bedroom

If you are looking for a baseball sports theme then consider options like simple lockers for storage and a dressing bench. What about designing a 4-poster bed with baseball bats as the corners? Get the color scheme from your favorite team and create a color pallet for the room and bedding colors.

Skateboarding Sports Theme Bedroom

sports theme mural ideasIf you have a skateboarder in the house, then consider a graffiti mural like the one pictured. You can purchase these murals in a variety of sizes to fit your room size and type of sport. (Click the picture to learn more) You might also want a wall rack or foot locker to hang or store gear.

Tennis Sports Theme Bedroom

Are you looking for sports theme bedroomdesign ideas for your future tennis star? For the tennis star you will find color schemes and a mural of their favorite inspirational court are all worth looking into. Create a shadow box by splitting a tennis ball in half and mounting it with an old tennis rack along with an award or photo of your tennis star.

Soccer Sports Theme Bedroom

sports theme mural ideasWhen planning that special room for your soccer player consider creating a wall mounted goal net that you can decorate with soccer gear and uniform.  Another good idea is to find a mesh or net laundry basket to use for equipment storage.

Climbing Wall Sports Theme Bedroom

If you have a natural climber in the house and if you are planning a new sports theme bedroom or have access to removing the wall finish material down to the studs then consider this. Line the wall with ¾” CDX plywood securely screwing this plywood to every stud. After installing the drywall plan to paint the wall with a multicolor texture look or install a mountain scape mural. Then install rock climbing holds to the wall securely fastening them through to the plywood.Check These Climbing Holds you will be surprised how inexpensive this idea is.

Golf Theme Bedroom

If you are looking for a golf theme inspired bedroom how about including the shadow box idea with a group of clubs, background image of a favorite PGA course and a score card from that course. As with most other theme rooms, color scheme for wall and flooring as well as bedding combinations can make the room.