Planning Your Bathroom

Bathroom Sizes

Bathroom planning is a topic that almost everyone will explore someday. When planning a bathroom you first need to think about what you will use the room for. In the next few paragraphs we will cover the different types of common bathroom types, how they are generally used and how they differ from one another.

Powder Room

Let’s begin with a powder room, sometimes referred to as a half bath or utility bathroom. In bathroom planning of a powder room you will find two basic fixtures, a toilet and wash sink. There are really no limits to the design of this bathroom type since it can be as small or large as works in your space. The idea of a half bath is to offer a handy public bathroom area so family or guests don’t have to retreat to more private bathrooms off a bedroom for instance. It is a popular practice to include a utility bathroom near a garage entrance or maybe a backyard area since this keeps family and guests from walking through the house to use a restroom.

3 Piece Bathroom

A three piece bathroom is commonly referred to as a 3/4 bath also. In this type of bathroom it is standard to find a toilet, wash sink, and the addition of a stand up shower. We often place 3 piece bathrooms attached to guest bedrooms, or small master bathrooms where space is a premium, and sometimes like the powder room or utility bathroom near a garage or outdoor entry where the addition of a shower would add value to the room. With the 3/4 bath option it becomes more important to consider extra storage for items like towels and showering supplies so consider some type of linen closet or cabinet in this room if space allows.

4 Piece Bathroom

shower waterproofing system by Shluter kerdiThe term 4 piece bathroom can be used two different ways. In a more compact space you might consider a 4 piece bathroom that has a toilet, wash sink, and a combined bathtub with shower. If more space is available then you will more than likely opt for a true 4 piece bathroom that includes a separate soaking tub or possible jetted tub along with a walk-in shower. This is the preferred bathroom if space and budget allow for a master bathroom since it offers the convenience of a walk-in shower along with the occasional enjoyment of a soaking tub.

So no matter which style of bathroom you are planning it is always important to think through how the room will be used to determine which type bathroom will best fit your needs. It is also a good idea to consider storage associated with your new bathroom planning. Storage can be found under a vanity sink, or you might plan for a storage cabinet that matches your vanity cabinet if space allows. A very cost effective way to provide bathroom storage is by including a small attached closet with a standard door filled with open wire shelving.