Quick Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look and Feel More Spacious

Is your bathroom so cramped that it feels as if you can’t turn around? You can do several things to make the room look larger and feel less cramped. The tips and ideas in this article can get you to turn a small looking bathroom into one that you’ll love.

Color, lighting and a few other tricks can change your room without the need for making it larger. Whether you want your bathroom to look cozy and inviting or elegant, it can all be accomplished with a miniscule amount of changes.

Pale Colors Open Up a Room
This does not mean that your room has to be painted in a plain white, it just means that a lighter color pallet can make a room look spacious. If you have a dark colored floor you may have to consider making it lighter. Walls should be painted soft shades of peach, cream or any other light color. Darker, bolder colors should be used for smaller accents such as towel holders or artwork for the walls. Lighter colors on the top of your vanity, as well as the doors underneath, are preferable. Not much paint is necessary for achieving this with wooden cabinet doors. Towels should have light shades, and compliment the room, if they are used as décor.

Bring More Light In
You can visually open up, and brighten, any room by adding light to the area. Wall sconces can be considered for additional sources of lighting in a bath, so can recessed lighting in the ceiling or a small lamp for the vanity. A skylight with help brighten up the room with natural light if it is within your budget.

If It Takes Up Space, Take It Out!
Do you have extra shelving for holding vanity items such as towels or cotton balls? Objects protruding into the room usually detract from a spacious, open look. Removing shelving and other units of storage should be considered; items stored in them can easily be moved into a linen closet or be put under your vanity. Removing clutter, to find that the room looks larger, will amaze you.

Expand With Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light, this has been long known. They make any room appear much larger. The color and design of the bath can easily be reflected by simply replacing the mirror over the vanity with a larger one. You may use several mirrors arranged artistically to reflect light and add interest, but a single over-sized mirror works great. And, if space allows you may use another mirror on a separate to expand the boundaries of the room.

Clutter looks messy and diminishes size in any room. The same holds true for your bathroom. Less clutter means that the room will look cleaner and more streamlined.   You should remove clutter on the vanity by storing away smaller items such as toothpaste, lotions, and deodorant in order to free up space. Putting these tips to work means that your bathroom with look larger than ever before!