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General Contractor Or Building Contractor

Contractor, General or Building Selecting a general contractor is a topic I am asked about almost daily. First I want to cover what the term general contractor means and how it is sometimes miss-represented. First I want to explain that a general contractor is not necessarily the home builder. In fact many generals act only as coordinators hiring and … Continue reading General Contractor Or Building Contractor

DIY be your own general contractor

Building Your Own Home

Building Your Own Home You are considering becoming your own general contractor or as we have discussed already your own home builder. So let’s talk about what commitments you are considering taking on. We are going to focus here primarily on the time commitment. When building your own home you need to be prepared to commit the required time … Continue reading Building Your Own Home

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Perform Due Diligence Before Purchasing Land

Due Diligence Due Diligence is the research and analysis of a piece of property that is performed by the prospective buyer with the assistance of their realtor before a final buying decision is made. It is common for the property to be under contract while the due diligence is being performed. The buyer and seller must agree to … Continue reading Perform Due Diligence Before Purchasing Land