Using Texture in Your Next Decorating Project

Let’s face it—a room filled with white walls, brown carpet, lackluster furniture, and few to no accessories is just plain boring. It’s no fun to return from work each day to a home that simple screams DULL! Fortunately, there are unlimited ways to make your home more interesting, adding an element of excitement and appeal to every room. Here’s how to create dazzling rooms you will love coming home to.

If you want to create rooms that are comfortable, inviting, and appealing, the secret is texture. A good mixtures of textures lends depth to a space that simply isn’t there when you have only smooth surfaces. If you’re looking to transform your rooms into amazing works of art, here are a few simple tips to get you started.

wall textures add beauty and character to any room

Add Texture and Interest to Walls 

Boring walls tend to be flat and light-colored. However, there are plenty of ways to dress up those walls. Use a wallpaper with a vertically striped patterns that incorporates rich hues. This is a perfect solution in homes that have a low ceiling. However, this trick should be avoided if you ceiling is high, as it will just make it look even higher.

For high-ceiling homes, there are still plenty of other options. Take full advantage of color, and paint your walls with a textured paint. Add even more interest by painting the baseboards a contrasting color. You might also stencil patterns on the walls.

Don’t Forget About Scale 

For the most part, you want to keep things on the same scale within a room. Therefore, you want to keep floral and abstract patterns small in a small room. Likewise, you can use large patterns in larger rooms. On the contrary, if you want to highlight an area of a room, do the opposite. For instance, a very large pattern in a small area or corner of a small room will really make that space pop!

Mix It Up! 

To really set off a room, mix up all those textures and patterns. For instance, create a focal point with a tapestry or mural on the wall. Textures that are nubby, satin smooth, and everything in between all make for a beautiful and eye-catching style. You can really draw out the colors in the room with throw pillows that are striped or checked. For a nice touch, casually toss a nubby throw over a sofa or rocker. Throw in some area rugs to add even more texture and color to things. This will work whether your floors are carpet, tile, or wood. If you have tables in the room, consider boldly patterned runners.

Years ago, the general rule of thumb was that colors had to match each other or be complementary. In today’s design styles, contrasting colors are great. Nearly anything goes when it comes to home décor. What sets your look apart is the way you incorporate those unique little ideas that suit your own personality with all those special pieces and accents you love. Keep in mind that there really are no rules when it comes to home décor. Surrounded by plenty of color and texture, the finishing touches can come directly from your own imaginative mind.