Why Choose Trex Transcends Decking

Trex Transcends Decking

Want to put wood deck maintenance behind you? Trex Transcends decking is the ultimate choice for an ultra low maintenance choice. When selecting a decking material for your project I think you will be pleased with all of the high quality properties of Trex Transcends decking. In our discovery of what makes Trex Transcends decking superior to traditional composite decking we will begin by describing the properties of standard composite decking.

Composite Decking

trex transcends decking, composite decking,trex composite,decking material,composite deckComposite decking was first created in the early 1990’s as a way to reuse discarded wood pallets and plastic milk jugs. The earliest materials where used to create products like frames for park benches and picnic table frames. Trex first entered into the market in 1996 with an early version of a composite deck product. Trex has since become the countries largest producer of wood alternative decking, railing, and fencing products. Trex is still the leader in the traditional composite decking industry with their current composite series Trex Accents.

Composite Drawbacks

Now let’s cover the drawbacks to composite decking and then it’s on to what makes Trex Transcends decking so superior. Because composite decking is made from a large concentration of natural wood fiber, you can count on two thing to happen over time. First, all composite decking products will fade to some degree over time. This is because the wood fibers can not hold the color pigment when exposed to the sun. Secondly, all composite products are prone to staining as the natural wood fibers it is made of are porous and once stained will not give up that stain even with standard cleaning practices.

Cellular PVC Decking

trex transcends decking, composite decking,trex composite,decking material,composite deckBefore getting into the details of Trex Transcends Decking I need to touch on the topic of Cellular PVC decking products. Cellular PVC has been around since the early 2000’s in a more common trim boards used in exterior home trims. The upside to Cellular PVC products is the ability to cut and finish them like wood without the problem of fading or staining. The disadvantage has been their cost. Cellular PVC decking products will average about 70% more money that composite products. But, once again you don’t have the problems of fading or staining with cellular PVC decking. Trex offers a Cellular PVC product in their Trex Escapes series offered in two rich colors.

Why is Trex Transcends Decking Different?

OK, Trex Transcends decking, what makes it different? Trex Transcend decking starts with a composite decking core. This core is capped in a Polymer cap in a process called co extrusion. You will find that Trex Transcends decking differs from all similar products in the fact that the Trex cap is formed only over the sides and top of the product rather than total encapsulation like its competitors. Trex Transcends decking uses this process because their research has shown that the composite has to give up what is called off gasses during the manufacturing process. Trex tells us they create a superior product by letting this off gas leave through the back of the board during the manufacturing process.

Why is Trex Transcends Better?

trex transcends decking, composite decking,trex composite,decking material,composite deckSo what makes Trex Transcends decking better? First the Polymer cap creates a superior look with a deeper more pronounced wood graining on the surface and the ability to create a variety of seven rich colors. Cellular PVC decking products are very restricted in their appearance and color options. The second and I think best difference is that because of the co-extruded design Trex Transcends decking is considerably less expensive that most Cellular PVC products.

Trex Transcends Decking Warrantee

Guaranteed to withstand the rigors of time, weather, and the impromptu fiesta. This is how Trex Transcends describes their warranty. Guaranteed for the next 25 years not to fade or stain. (As long as you clean up the accident within a week)

Trex Transcends Sizes

Trex Transcends decking is offered in two plank styles to meet every installation option. They offer a square edge plank which measures 1”x5.5” in 12’, 16’, and 20’ lengths that is designed for an under screwed installation. They also offer a grooved edge plank with the same dimensions and lengths but with the distinction of a groove down both sides for a concealed fastener installation. Trex offers their Trex Hideaway Hidden fastener system to install this product.

Trex Transcends Deck Design

If you would like to check out your new deck design here is a great program on the Trex web site for Trex Transcends Decking Design